Summer Holidays 2020

Holidays in Summer 2020

The year 2020 has definitely started in the worst possible way.  A pandemic hit us because of a virus previously unknown COVID-19 and that now seems so familiar.

However, these days we begin to see the end of a nightmare and the beginning of the gradual return to normality.

Gran Canaria

What can help us to overcome these difficult moments when we are obliged to change our habituals is to plan what could be our future holidays,  once there is a chance to return to travel. 

Because one thing is certain: sooner or later we will want to be able to visit distant places. And it is quite likely that the places we can visit sooner are those with the least dangers of infection and without the dangers of crowds in closed places.

Gran Canaria is definitely one of these places: with its wide beaches and its varied interior with its Canyons, its natural parks.

Gran Canaria is a miniature continent, with a sample of very variable landscapes. For this reason Unesco decided to grant the island the seal of Biosphere Reserve. Of course, it’s also important its magnificent climate that allows you to take advantage of the beach all year round.


 There are a few things to keep in mind. Hotels compared to apartments may find it more difficult to adapt to the new rules that will accompany us for some time or some hotels may decide to open later. In this context, and to be honest not only in this, a holiday apartment could be the perfect solution.

You can enjoy a magnificent holiday in the security of one apartment just for you without the hassle of paying attention to sharing enclosed common spaces,  as you would probably do in a hotel, but with a lot of comfort.

Of course there are different types of apartments: near the sea, with swimming pool, in rural areas, in the city, etc. each of these responds to different needs and prices.

If you would like to contact us we will be happy to help you in the choice that best suits you :